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MagiQ Technologies is a pioneer in quantum technology solutions that has achieved success for a broad range of customers in aerospace & defense, telecommunications, network security, and energy exploration.

The Boston-based company came to ONE MARK for a new website. The goal was to rejuvenate the brand and create a clean, professional website with touches of innovation to reflect MagiQ’s forward-thinking company and products.

The project started with modernizing the logo and developing brand visuals. MagiQ’s original logo consisted of the company name underlined by a quantum particle that looped through the “Q” to create the “Q’s” tail. Since a solid concept was already in place, there was no need to start from scratch and risk decreasing the brand recognition they had already established. Instead, we thoughtfully selected a modern font and updated the quantum particle graphic to give the logo a sleeker, more professional look.

MagiQ’s brand visuals and website came next. We created a theme using slanted cutaways modeled after the chips in their technology, which was incorporated into the navigation bar, section dividers, buttons, and other elements on the website. This slanted design created unique, geometric visuals that achieved the innovation MagiQ wanted to convey without diminishing the website’s professional look.

Throughout the project, Dwight Galler of DeweyCommunications worked with Audrius Berzanskis, the CEO of MagiQ, to revise and transform the site text. They sought to explain MagiQ’s products comprehensively without compromising proprietary details about them.

MagiQ was thrilled with the end result. They felt that their new brand and website supported the company’s reputation as an industry leader.


  • Logo Design & Branding
  • UX + UI Design
  • Web Development