Who We Are

Small Company. Enormous Passion.

At ONE MARK, we believe that small size can amount to focused design and outstanding marketing. We bring high doses of innovation to each project, paired with a passion for excellent customer care.

We know every business is different. Our team will take the time to learn about your business, its core values and what you envision for your company. This helps us shape and mold our work so that it is unique to you. Whether it’s developing a powerful logo and brand identity or creating a message for a new marketing campaign, we add consistency and creativity while keeping it all uniquely you, giving you exactly what you need to stand out from the competition.

Our passion for design is only exceeded by our passion for our customers. We treat every client with respect, care and dedication, bringing the same zeal and commitment to every project. Get in touch if you are interested in working with ONE MARK on your next project.

About the Founder

Jon Langberg started off as an imaginative child, and that creative spirit has never left him. Jon has had many artistic endeavors throughout his life, but the longest running is graphic arts. His art started with pencil and paper, but quickly moved to mouse and monitor as soon as he could beg his dad to use his 1984 Macintosh. After years of doing freelance graphic design, web design caught his attention. The web’s potential for interactivity and creativity beyond static graphic design inspired him to learn and master the art. Pairing web design with his enthusiasm for corporate branding led him to start ONE MARK in 2013.

Other Stuff About Jon:

  • Married

    Jon is married to his best friend and high-school sweetheart, Katie.

  • Musician & Songwriter

    Jon plays guitar, bass, piano and drums. He’s also a songwriter.

  • Inventor

    Ever have the desire to make your electric guitar sound like a banjo? Jon’s “patent-pending” product called “GUITAR-JO” is the answer.

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